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The ability to create their own captions quickly develops and options have improved for those who do not have a budget. There are two important online options that you should know. YouTube and Universal Subtitles of best good captions

In 2012, YouTube has improved its online interface if you work directly on YouTube to work on subtitles or work to increase computer transcription in the video that you post. Did you know that most of YouTube's videos contain the transformation of the machine, and the viewers of Deaf and other subtitles are now seeing it? In some cases, the message provided by the automated protocol is in contrast to the message that the message says.

Universal subtitles (also known as Amar) works with video content that you do not have, and the advantage is that many people are able to work without difficulty to provide the same video with the subtitle Are.

Post to your video and on YouTube, go to Video Manager to see a list of your videos. Down arrow for each video on the right side of the edit button lets you choose subtitles. If the sound is clear and does not speak English and there is no music and minimum background noise, then you may be able to fix names and single words in YouTube's automatic subtitles. Click on the best good captions subtitle to see the lesson and how accurate your video is. You can start editing and closing the logs. When done, select "Done" and the selection of English files will be displayed. She and the original copy of the machine You may want to disable the machine transcript. You can add a name to your new English file and invite friends to translate it into other languages.

If machine transcript does not work on YouTube, then you should use Universal Subtitles, which is a popular and powerful subtitle tool. You enter the address of the video on YouTube, Vimeo or HTML5 Simple User Interface provides three ways to control the input of captions. Syncing in a video to a subtitle is a final step, which is very easy. The best part is that you can share the URL with others so that they can add captions and edit them. You can then use the Universal Subtitle URL as your subtitle version of the video, or you can download the subtitle file and upload it to YouTube.